About Clarion


Procurement At Clarion:

The Clarion Procurement team is a centre of excellence and provides operational, strategic and governance services to Clarion Housing Group. Procurement activities are undertaken on the whole by the Group with the Procurement Team responsible for managing the process on the high risk, high value projects. Opportunities to bid for contracts are advertised on this Delta portal.


Clarion’s Supplier Standards:

Clarion expects certain standards of it’s supplier and supply chain. Our Supplier Code of Conduct can be found here

Clarions Terms and Conditions of Tender are attached here.  By submitting a Tender, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms without further negotiation or amendment.


Clarion’s Quality Promise:

Clarion has achieved the Global Procurement Excellence Gold Standard, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, with regards to our procurement processes and activity. Click here to see how we obtain best Value for Money.


Procurement Legislation:

Some of Clarion’s companies are required to abide by the PCR’s 2015. You can find out more about the PCR’s and what they mean for you as a supplier here.

Other companies within the Group are not bound by the PCR’s 2015 and are able to prescribe their own procurement procedures which is why you may see a difference in the way processes are run.

However, regardless of the procedure Clarion applies the same ethos to all its procurement activities: the attainment of VfM, Equal Treatment and Transparency.


Clarion’s Complaints Procedure for Procurement:

Please find the process for complaints here.